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What We Do

Examples of our efforts to improve the lives of children through recreation,
the lives of our seniors through medical resources,
and the lives of all our citizens through charity events, promotional activities, scholarships, and volunteerism.

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Life, Legend, Legacy

Listen or read along as a narrator tells Jim Caudle's life story,
from childhood through his Army and business careers,
his lifelong community service,
followed by the dedications in his memory.

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Read what some of Jim's friends have to say about him, and add your own memories.

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Keep up to date on the latest events of the Foundation.

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Why donate to the Coach Caudle Cares Foundation?

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On behalf of our patriarch, Jim "Jimmy/Coach" Caudle, we thank you very much for taking the time to visit this website, which presents our family's desire to continue Coach Caudle's legacy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coach Caudle Cares (C3) Foundation is to promote community advancement through recreation and fellowship, medical resources, volunteerism, and scholarships, among other means.

Miami Springs

Jim Caudle, a Pioneer of Miami Springs, dedicated his life, upon returning from the Korean Conflict and finishing his baseball career at the University of Miami, to the service of the community of Miami Springs, a city that grew dear to his heart throughout his 86 years.

Community Service

Jim developed the recreation program that exists today in that community, served the citizens of Miami Springs as a two-term elected City Councilman, and in retirement came back to oversee the City of Miami Springs’ purchase and management of the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.


Most importantly, for more than 30 years, Jim volunteered his time before, after, and sometimes during his working years to be Coach Caudle.

To hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls in the Miami Springs community, he was the friend, role model, and often father figure to kids looking for direction and acceptance as they developed in life through sports and recreational activities.

Play Hard, Have Fun

Jim’s motto in sports and in life was “Play hard and have fun,” which is what the C3 Foundation will strive to do in all of its participation in events in this community. Jim believed that all differences in people are set aside when we come together through sports and just talk to each other.

Recreation & Fellowship

The importance of recreation and fellowship was the philosophy Jim lived by throughout his life, and in his passing on April 5, 2020, the outpouring of love that the family and community received served as proof that this creed instilled in him as a child touched others and created an environment that we all long for today.

Jim waving from golf cartIt is the mission of the C3 Foundation to continue to promote the values realized through recreation and fellowship throughout our community in hopes that we can improve the lives of children through recreation, the lives of our elderly through medical education and resources, and the lives of all our citizens through charity events, promotional activities, scholarships, and volunteerism.

J. Chris Caudle MS, MBA
CEO, Coach Caudle Cares Foundation

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Recreation & Fellowship for Youth

Our desire is to assist in recreational activities, sponsorships, finances associated with sports and recreation costs and fundraisers, field maintenance, uniforms and equipment.
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The Coach Caudle Cares Foundation will inspire, encourage and challenge students and student-athletes of all ages and genders to set goals for their future.
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Community Involvement

We'll be involved in clean-up projects, community fund raisers, assistance to leadership, eligible property restoration assistance, school needs or the like.
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